What To Expect When Visiting ROMC

WelcomeRight when you walk through the doors, you'll find the people of ROMC to be very friendly and welcoming. You'll see that men, women, and even the youth are involved in up-front and behind the scenes ministry at the church. You'll see young and old. Black and white, and welcome and opening to all ethnic and social groups. We strive to be a diverse church.

How Should I Dress?

However you want to dress. Some people prefer casual attire and some people like to dress up a bit more. Really, just be yourself. There's no dress code.

What Is There for My Kids?

We have nursery and toddler care during both the Sunday School hours and during the regular church service. This is optional for parents and available totally free of charge. We also have "Children's Church" that dismisses during the middle of the regular service. You can keep your child with you for the remainder of the service or you can allow them to go to Children's Church. Pastor Bill also likes to do a "Pastor's Pals" segment for the children during the regular service. This is usually a fun time during the service and also shows how much we value our children at our church.

What Are the Services Like?

You can expect a blend of contemporary worship music from the last several years along with some great music that has endured over the years. Preaching is based off of timeless Biblical truths and applied to everyday modern life. There's also times where we will feature videos, drama sketches, and other elements that add to our services. Our regular morning service begins at 10:30 and goes no later than noon.

Do I Have to be a Member to Take Communion?

No. Anybody who visits our church who believes in Jesus Christ as their Savior is allowed to take Communion. Typically Communion is served to people while seated and the congregation partakes together once the elements have been served. Communion is normally observed every other month.

I'm Nervous To Visit. Is That Normal? Am I Ready?

It's perfectly normal for people to be nervous about visiting a church for the first time. But we think you will quickly find yourself comfortable and at ease. Just come as you are. We accept all people right where they are at. We are looking for regular, everyday people just like you to come build friendships and worship with us.

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